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When you decide to invest in a property, you must have complete knowledge of what you are stepping into. Our thorough inspection services will save you from unpleasant surprises and hassles after the purchase has been made.

Home Inspections

Whether you plan to buy a new home or sell your existing property, it is best to get the home inspected. Our team of licensed home inspectors will provide the actual facts and an honest report about the home, from the roof to the foundation and everything in between. We encourage you to accompany the home inspector while he is performing the job. This will give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. If you cannot be present during the inspection do not worry, our reports are very detailed and include pictures of all the issues we find. Feel free to reach out to our team by phone or email if you have any questions regarding your inspection.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Getting your home inspected before listing it for sale will help you know the real worth of the property. Using the report received from us, you can take the necessary corrective actions to ensure you get the best price for your beloved property. Knowing the details will prevent unpleasant surprises at the time of the buyer's inspection and you will be in a better position to get the best deal for the property.

New Construction Inspection

Ensuring that the new home has been constructed keeping the codes and guidelines of the state governing body is crucial to avoid hassles and penalties. A new home inspection will also help you in knowing if the construction was done as per the agreed terms and that the best quality materials were used for construction. Based on your agreement with the builder, you can always get the required corrections, if any, with the help of the reports that our certified home inspectors provide.

Builder Warranty Inspections

You would not know about the issues of a newly constructed home until you move in and stay there for some time. That’s why most builders usually provide a warranty of 12 months to get the defects rectified. Getting a builder warranty inspection done by our professionals before the expiration will help you get the most out of your builder’s warranty.

Roof Inspections

The roof is a very crucial component of your home. It is thus advised that you must get the roof inspected regularly to check for leaks, organic growth, dirty and damaged gutters, damaged shingles, etc. Detecting these signs early on will lead to timely repairs, thus preventing a minor issue from turning into a major one.

Foundation and Crawl Space Inspections

It is crucial to ensure the integrity of the structure of your home, and the foundation plays an important role in the same. The foundation takes on the weight of the entire building. Crawl spaces are most susceptible to moisture and pest infestation. Our professional inspection services will check for and tell you about issues like moisture buildup, pests infestations, and problems with structural stability. If ignored or not noticed, these may pose serious threats to the building and the people living inside the building.

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